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What Should i Get?

at Houstons premier luxury Spa

nestled in the calms of suburbia & filled with all things skin, lash,

and body

beauty is      Therapeutic!

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welcome to  Skin Therapy!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but, here at Spa Therapy Spa, we celebrate the

fight against cancer all year round.


Cancer treatments can reek havoc on otherwise beautiful skin leaving the woman feeling less than beaituful. This PCA Skincare Treatment protocol will help you keep that beautiful skin without taxing your self esteem. Our daily care products bring relief to dry chemo affected skin while nourishing and preserving the quality of skin life.  


This carefully selected regimen will help calm, soothe and support skin under stress during chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  The products included are free of many known irritants that can exacerbate some of the common dermatological side effects brought on by many cancer treatments. 



slimming & tightening

Pink Facial

What's in this heavenly facial? 


  • Beginning with a relaxing spa environment, you'll receive a calming facial experience with soft music, delicate aromatherapy accompanied by

  • a gentle cleanse,

  • detoxifying scrub,

  • warm towel service,

  • relaxing facial massage that will help relieve tension & stress,

  • therapeutic Mask, serums to hydrate & protect, and finish with

  • gentle non-aromatic moisturizer and SPF (Sunblock). 


Sponsor a lady who is fighting the fight of her life by making a small contribution and investment into her well being. 


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Give the gift of a

***Daily Care Kit included

Each Daily Care Kit includes:

Creamy Cleanser, Anti-redness Serum, Hydrating Serum, Brightening Therapy w/True Tone, Perfecting Protection Broad Spectrum SPF30, Rebalance, Silk Coat Balm, CliniCalm, Peptide Lip Therapy 

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